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how to keep things nice while in storage

I am a bit of a hoarder. I love collecting things and holding on to things for many, many years, but I don't like to allow my home to become cluttered. So, what did I do to ensure that I have the space to keep everything that I want to keep without it invading my home? I rented a storage unit. How do I keep things in perfect condition when they are in storage? My blog will tell you how to store all sorts of things in a storage unit without them becoming damaged as they are being stored away from your home.


Three Actions To Take When You Realize That You Left Something Outside Of Your Storage Facility

There is often a sense of relief when you finally load everything into your storage facility and you are ready to leave for the day. After spending a long time unloading items, fitting them into the room, then closing up the door, you may be ready to get home. In the rush to get out of the storage unit and head towards the rest of your day, you may realize that you left something outside of the unit. This is especially common if you are pressed for time. Here are three steps to take when you are already on the road and realize that you left something at the storage facility. 

Call the facility and have it moved

Though the storage facility will not have a key to open your unit, the facility may be able to move your leftover item into another safe space. Call the facility as soon as you realize what items you left outside of the unit. Describe the item in detail so that the employees at the facility are sure that it is your item. Many facilities have areas behind the counter where they keep lost and found items. Ask if the facility can place the item into the lost and found until you are able to get back within a day or two. 

Reconfigure the space in your head

If the reason why you left the item outside of the storage unit was because it was forgotten due to lack of space, you will need to reconfigure the layout. If the item is small, such as a bedding set or a kitchen accessory, you may need to do some light maneuvering to get the item inside. If you left out a larger item, such as a coffee table or a bookshelf, it may be in your best interest to rent a larger unit. This will allow you to fit all of your belongings without needing to reconfigure the entire unit. 

Bring a camera when you come back

One of the items that you want to bring along with you on your next trip to the storage unit is a camera or a smartphone with a camera. After you repack the storage unit with the missing item, take a photo of the storage unit. This will allow you to remember just how items were packed, in the event that you need to come and remove something from the unit at a later date. After closing and locking the storage unit, take a photograph of the outside. You can use this as proof that all of your items are locked inside of the unit and that the lock was placed back on your storage door.