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how to keep things nice while in storage

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Tips For Preparing Your Clothes Dryer For Long-Term Storage

If you are moving into a house or apartment that either already has a dryer or does not have the hook-ups for it, you may find yourself needing to place yours in storage. If so, use the following tips to prepare your clothes dryer for long-term storage.

Remove the Power Cord and Vent Duct

After unplugging and pulling the dryer away from the wall, the first thing you should do to prepare the appliance for storage is to remove both the power cord and the vent duct. Doing so can help keep them intact for when you need to use them again. This also keeps you from accidentally from pulling on the back of the dryer and possibly dislodging the electrical wires or vent.

To remove the power cord, use either a flathead or Phillips screwdriver to disconnect it from the dryer. Then, use a piece of heavy clear tape to attach it to the side of the dryer so you can keep track of it. After using the other steps below, you can place the disconnected vent duct inside the drum.

Clean Out All Lint and Dust

Once the cord and duct are disconnected, you should do your best to remove all lint and dust from inside the dryer, starting with the lint trap. Because lint and dust retain moisture, leaving large clumps of the debris can lead to mold or mildew growth while the dryer is in storage.

After removing the worst of the lint from the trap, soak the piece in bleach water, and let it air dry. Then, remove the back panel of the dryer and carefully vacuum around the drum. Once you are finished, do not replace the panel just yet, as you will need it open for the next step.

Immobilize the Drum with Towels

Because you will be moving the dryer to and from the storage unit, the drum needs to be immobilized. If it is allowed to rotate freely, you risk stretching or breaking the belt inside, requiring that it be replaced once you need to use the dryer again. To immobilize the drum, stuff towels, rags, or even old clothes around it. Then, replace the back panel.

Using the above tips to prepare your clothes dryer for long-term storage can help keep it clean and free from damage. For more information on storing your dryer and other appliance, speak with a representative from the storage units facility you plan on using.