how to keep things nice while in storage

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how to keep things nice while in storage

I am a bit of a hoarder. I love collecting things and holding on to things for many, many years, but I don't like to allow my home to become cluttered. So, what did I do to ensure that I have the space to keep everything that I want to keep without it invading my home? I rented a storage unit. How do I keep things in perfect condition when they are in storage? My blog will tell you how to store all sorts of things in a storage unit without them becoming damaged as they are being stored away from your home.


Five Tips To Help You Become A Freelance Digital Nomad

If you're a freelancer who works remotely from your computer, you've probably imagined what it would be like to travel the country while working on the go. Many freelancers live this way for months or years on end, and they call themselves digital nomads.  Living a nomadic lifestyle offers some amazing opportunities, but it's not all one big vacation. You have to manage your entire freelance career while on the move, and you have to carefully plan ahead to avoid paying exorbitant travel expenses. Read More 

Tips For Storing Kitchen Items

Carelessly stored kitchen items deteriorate faster than those that are carefully stored. Therefore, if you wish to retrieve your stored items in the same state in which you stored them, you need to know the appropriate preparation steps to take. This isn't difficult at all; the following tips will see you store your kitchen utensils safely: Thoroughly Clean and Dry the Appliances and Utensils The first thing is to clean and dry all the utensils and appliances. Read More 

Properly Protecting Clothing For Long-Term Storage

If you intend to place clothing in a self-storage unit for an extended period of time, you are most likely concerned about ensuring that each piece remains intact during your absence. There are several precautionary steps you can take to decrease the likelihood that your clothes will become moldy or moth-bitten when being stored for months or years. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your clothing remains damage-free when being stored in a storage facility. Read More 

Three Actions To Take When You Realize That You Left Something Outside Of Your Storage Facility

There is often a sense of relief when you finally load everything into your storage facility and you are ready to leave for the day. After spending a long time unloading items, fitting them into the room, then closing up the door, you may be ready to get home. In the rush to get out of the storage unit and head towards the rest of your day, you may realize that you left something outside of the unit. Read More 

3 Things To Do Before Your Next Move

Are you planning to move to a new house or apartment soon? Are you looking for ways to make the move easier on yourself and your family? Moving can be an extremely stressful time for just about anyone. This is especially true if you haven't yet found a new place to live. If your lease will be up in a few months and you've already decided that you'll be moving to a new home, there are a few things that you can start doing right now that will make moving day easier. Read More